Customize your paymail domain.
Paymail is a alias protocol that let's users pick a easier identifiable address (such as [email protected]) and increases computational efficiency due with the peer-to-peer (P2P) approach.
P2P means that instead of the receiver needing to search the blockchain for a incoming transactions (potentially among billions), the receiver gets directly the transaction bundle which the receiver then submits to the miners and to instantly get a payment confirmation.
To add your own paymail domain to your dedicated server (with a serviceID), you need to append to the path the following json file.
you find examples of the entry at all major wallets, including Once you added the entry to your domain & set up the serviceId with given domain, your paymail will be active.
Get paymail Id details
you can change your paymail to any of your personalized choice, but each paymail should be unique so before setting your personalized paymail we will check if already not exists in our system.
Update paymail
Activate/Deactivate paymail