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Token Issuance

Create a STAS token
Creating a token requires you to first create a 'default' wallet to issue it to the wallet. If you didnt create one, you can jump back to the wallet section.
The token issuance endpoint takes care of all the rest (including paying the mining fee to mint the token). All you need is to add the parameters to specify the type of STAS token you want.
The token name
UTF-8 standard, up to 32 characters in length.
The token symbol
1-9 alphanumeric characters
The token description
up to 512 characters
The mini icon image
250x250 pixels, type image
Token Supply
The amount of tokens to mint in the issuance
Any integer
Decimals indicate the formatting, e.g. decimals 2 for a dollar token with cents.
Integer not bigger than 8
Sats Per Token
Satoshis to be used for each token.
Tokens are split table and merge able, NFTs are not.
Boolean [true/false]
Custom data string(s) to be added to the issued tokens
Any extra data to indicate legals and terms.
RFC 3986 JSON formatted
Above stated are the main inputs for each STAS token, the extended schema can be found in below code example. There is only one STAS format but various settings that make it behave according to its purpose and use case.

Issuance function

To issue a STAS token, create a variable with all parameters, and trigger relysia.issue().
var parameters = {
serviceId: 'optional',
protocol: 'optional',
data: {
"name": "Bonus Point Token",
"protocolId": "STAS",
"symbol": "BPT",
"description": "A supermarket bonus point token to be used ay",
"image": "",
"tokenSupply": 30,
"decimals": 0,
"satsPerToken": 1,
"splitable": true,
"data" : {"1" : ["custom data 1", "custom data 2"]},
"properties": {
"legal": {
"terms": "STAS, Inc. retains all rights to the token script. Use is subject to terms at",
"licenceId": ""
"issuer": {
"organisation": "vaionex corp.",
"legalForm": "Limited",
"governingLaw": "US",
"issuerCountry": "US",
"jurisdiction": "US",
"email": "[email protected]"
"meta": {
"schemaId": "STAS1.0",
"website": "",
"legal": {
"terms": "Your personal token terms"
const response = await relysia.contracts.v1.issue(parameters);

Custom Data Field for Tokens

Incorporating personalized data into your Tokens can significantly enhance its functionality. The "data" field allows for the inclusion of an object value, which will be assigned as a numbered string key with an accompanying array property. Each element in the array will be added to the token script as its own data chunk.
"data" : {"1" : ["custom data 1", "custom data 2"]},
Mint a Token.