Scalable blockchains are ideal to store immutable data. Immutability implies that you can write data to the blockchain, but you verifiably not change the data, thus making it ideal to store registry entries (such as land ownership) or certificates where authenticity is essential. While the blockchain itself does not enforce authenticity, the incentive of creating a forgery diminishes when you know to get caught eventually. Moreover, in the case of landownership it presents a case of verifying whether 3rd parties have claims to the same land, which is only possible with public and open databases such as the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Metashard is a SaaS platform users can register and manage their shards. A shard is a sub database with specified files in it. Since we are a blockchain database solution, we naturally acquire our data from the blockchain (see post and upload). To not need to query the whole blockchain each time a user wants to get access to their required data, we let users pre-define the data transaction they want to keep track off. Metashard then makes sure to automatically sort all transactions of that identifier into the users shard for rapid access.

Comparing costs and performance, Metashard is significantly more resource efficient than solutions that crawl the whole database on each request.

Metashard is a extension of the Relysia Infrastructure that complements especially the /post endpoint. Give it a try at

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