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Getting Started

Make use of our npm repository to add it to your node project of choice or Clone the Relysia SDK repository from to add it locally to your project. Alternatively we also offer a CDN to integrate the Relysia SDK into traditional html pages.

npm i @relysia/sdk

Alternatively, install the newest development version via GitHub

git clone

Initialize the Library

Each Relysia SDK interaction starts with getting the Authentication Token. To get a Authentication token, load the Relysia SDK either via NPM or CDN and start with the following lines.

const RelysiaSDK = require('relysia');

const relysia = new RelysiaSDK();
await relysia.authentication.v1.auth({email: "", password: "pass"});

Make sure the authentication codes are not shared publicly.

In case you already have the authentication token or serviceId from your firebase frontend application use:

const relysia = new RelysiaSDK({authToken: "your authToken", serviceId:"<your serviceId>"})

Account details

User details are typically an essential part of your user management and platform experience. To access user account details, such as email, name or profile picture, call the getUserDetails() function as indicated below.

const response = await relysia.user.v1.getUserDetails();

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