Keep full control and make it your own.

Relysia is a wallet infrastructure, that means we can not only be accessed by logging into Vaionex platforms, but moreover enable 3rd party developers to create their very own dedicated versions of it. Relysia is a Blockchain As A Service platform, to create your very own sophisticated blockchain platforms while keeping your very own user database and control over settings and funds.

If you intend to build your own blockchain platform, go to the wallet interface of to sign up to your very own Infrastructure Plan.

During the Infrastructure Plan setup, you can choose between a variety of functions, enable and disable user functionalities and endpoints, tailored to your very own Application.

Miner Fee Settings

To create the optimal user experience for your user, you need to decide what options the user will prefer for your application. At the moment, Relysia Infrastructure supports 3 fee types.

  • Classical: Let users pay for transaction fees with BSV

  • Miner: Use A minerAPI cover your costs (e.g. TAAL mAPI Key)

  • Dynamic: Cover the costs of your users to a certain limit (FeeManager).

Infrastructure Costs

In our initial beta, we will keep plans free of costs to certain limits. Within the next month, we will announce a low cost volume based plan that will keep average applications with 50k users well below 30$ per month.

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